Can I Get My Girlfriend Back If I Am Heartbroken?

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If you are presently going through a break up, you are most likely thinking, 'Can I get my ex girlfriend back?" quite a few times everyday. All relationships are unique, so every break up is unique as well. However, let me show you a couple of things that will help you get her back.

The first thing is to be cordial.

You might say, yeah dude that is obvious however there are some folks who think if you nag enough then she will come back to you. It won't work and it will just drive her away. Would you be attracted to her if she was constantly nagging you? Think about it! All you are doing is reminding her of all the reasons she wants to be away from you to begin with. In the end, when you do see her, it will be awkward at best and she will begin to see you less and less.

So do the right thing, be nice and you will not drive her away. When you are around her, be polite unless of course all you want to do is be a phony.

In case you are thinking, can I get my ex girlfriend back by being somebody that you are not, then you have to question why you would wish to be back with her in the first place. If this is the case, you are most likely better off finding someone with whom you can be yourself.

Let's say you are a nice guy to her, then the problems that existed before the break up will not seem as such a big deal now. In fact, you just might ask yourself why you did not think of being nicer to her to begin with when you were together.

Since you can not alter the what is over and done, just remember to be pleasant when you are back together. Make a point to let her know you took her for granted. In all likelihood, she took you for granted as well but she will not be ready to admit it just yet.

Can I get my ex girlfriend back if she has a boyfriend?

This is the toughest situation to try and overcome. It is also the time where you have to be your nicest. The reason it is the toughest situation to overcome is that you don't get much alone time with her and you are also in her past. The best strategy is to be charming, wonderful and nice so she can see you as the kind of guy she fell in love with in the first place.

Can I get my ex girlfriend back by trickery?

Why even go there with this tactic? If she finds out you lied to her or was the slightest bit dishonest then it is game over. You will never get her back with dishonesty or deception. White lies could back fire so do not put yourself in that situation. What's the point of figuring out how to get her back only to lose her a little while later because she finds out about your dishonesty?

Can I get my ex girlfriend back by making her jealous?

While it is conceivable she may get jealous and come back to you it is also full of risks. If you start dating someone to make her jealous, you can crash and burn if she thinks you have moved on and lost interest. She may even begin to think you are a player. If you must date, do so because you are moving on and not to make her jealous. Just be honest with yourself and you will have a much better chance of getting back together with your ex.

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Can I Get My Girlfriend Back If I Am Heartbroken?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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