Effective Ways To Get Your Ex-girlfriend Back

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One of the most difficult times one has to go through is a break up and most of the time you are thinking of what are the effective ways to get your ex-girlfriend back. It is never easy to let go of memories when you have invested too much for the relationship. You may have shared wonderful plans before like getting married and building a family of your own. When you were down and needed someone to talk to your girlfriend was the first one to give you comfort. But now she's gone and you want her back so badly. Is there anything you can do to win her back? Definitely yes! Here are the effective ways that will guarantee you success.

Ignore her

Girls have a tendency to take men for granted once men show too much affection towards them. Don't try to call, send SMS, or email her because this will give her the idea that you still love her thus giving her the chance to manipulate the situation. Don't go to places where she regularly visits and try to avoid her friends as much as you can. This way you are making her miss you and wonder what you have been doing lately.

Pamper yourself

Instead of thinking too much about winning her back, give yourself time to relax and unwind. Recall all the positive attributes that she loved about you and develop those traits. Look for new hobbies and interests that will temporarily divert your attention from your break up. This will also help you assess yourself where you went wrong with your relationship and probably think of ways to correct it.


Hang out with friends and family. This is the best way to establish better relationship with them. You will have a good feeling knowing that there are still people out there who loves and cares for you and are willing to cheer you up after a tragic fall. If your ex-girlfriend sees that you can go on without her and that things in your life are easily falling back into place again she will realize how important you are in her life and this will make her miss you even more.

Make friends with her again

At this stage, you probably have given both of you enough time and space to cool down and reflect on things. In order for you to get your ex-girlfriend back you have to befriend her again. A simple SMS or a phone call can be a good start. Then you will begin sharing your experiences during the time when there was no communication at all. This is the most important step as it will make or break your plans to get your ex-girlfriend back. Show her that you still care for her but do not make it sound too obvious. Always appreciate her if she tells you her accomplishments and encourage her to continue doing well. You will make her feel good about herself and it will be a good way to build a good relationship with her again.

True love is a gift we must all treasure. Once you found true love keep it and fight for it for you might never know it won't come again. So follow these effective ways on how to get your ex-girlfriend back now before it's too late!
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The secret to get your ex-girlfriend back is your attitude. Be the best that you can be and always find positive solutions to conflicts and issues you've had with her. You can get more tips on how to get your ex-girlfriend back.

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Effective Ways To Get Your Ex-girlfriend Back

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This article was published on 2010/11/01
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