How Do You Win your Girlfriend Back

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Breaking up with someone you love is like stabbing yourself because you will later feel the pain. The memory of you and her will keep flowing on your mind every minute of the day, especially the happy times you spent together with her. Now all this things have gone, and she is no where to be found in your life. Don't look at it as a critical time hard to deal with; rather view it as an opportunity for both to make some changes. In this article, there are two ways to win your ex girlfriend back.

1. Accept the outcome. When you feel happy and confident in yourself and the changes that you have made, it is time to go back to your ex and test the water. Don't throw yourself on the floor and plead for a chance, this is not attractive. In fact, you might end up repelling her. Be convinced, cool, nice and honest. Don't be afraid to tell her how you feel but don't make anything you say sound like a plea. Accept and recognize that she will either say yes or no, so try not to take it personally. If your ex wants to spend some time alone, then you have no right to deny her that. If she found somebody else and moved on, then don't blame the time you took to reflect, you needed to improve anyway, and your chances of getting a yes from her were much less than they are now. This is something you just had to accept.

2. Be positive and go! Once you understand and accept that things may not go your way, put those thoughts neatly away in a recess of your mind and forget about them. Have things turn out the way you want them in your mind, and feel happy at the new and improved you.

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How Do You Win your Girlfriend Back

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This article was published on 2010/12/15
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