How to Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend - Fast Solutions to Feeling Better

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No matter how your relationship ended, there will always be residual feelings on both sides. If your girlfriend happened to dump you, she'll still have certain emotions reserved for you even though she made the decision to move on. But you? You've got the worst end of it. You'll need to cope with the pain and despair of losing someone you care about, and probably from a break up you never even saw coming.

So just how do you start getting over your ex girlfriend? By following the basic rules below:

Accept Things For What They Are

This means you can't deny what happened, tell yourself it's not over "just yet", or try to convince your ex to keep the relationship alive when she really doesn't want to. Many guys get very emotionally wrapped up in how much they love their ex girlfriend and then can't understand why they feel so miserable. Hope is one thing, but false hope is quite another. You need to get past your break up by eliminating the random wishful thinking most guys like to cling to after a girlfriend dumps them. Doing this will always drag you back into bitterness and despair.

Get Rid Of Her Stuff

Wherever something reminds you of your ex girlfriend - get rid of it. No, you don't have to throw it out just yet. But definitely get any ex girlfriend reminders completely out sight, and do it as soon as you can. The more you look at photos, mementos, letters and cards, the worse you'll make yourself feel. Console yourself by agreeing not to trash these treasured items, but seal them tightly in a cardboard box or lock them in a truck and throw away the key for a while. The less you are reminded of your ex, the more time you'll spend not thinking about her.

Go Out With Your Friends and Family

Your buddies are your best support system right now, and the more activities you can do with them the better. Get out and see your friends, your family, and anyone else you may have missed out on while dating your girlfriend. These people know the pain you're going through, and it's their job to keep you busy and make you laugh. Don't sit home alone.

Unplug From Everything

In today's modern age there are a hundred different ways for you to reach someone... and for them to reach you. This is why you need to throw your phone over your shoulder and turn your computer off for a while. You don't want to be tempted to call your ex girlfriend, and right now you don't want her calling you either. Friendly emails and text-messages from her might seem innocent on her end, but to you they're dangling strings of hope (where there might not be any hope right now). Let your phone go unanswered and stop checking your Facebook page. It's time to concentrate on other things.

Focus Some Attention Upon Yourself

Got a hobby you'd like to take back up? Go for it. Always wanted to join a gym? Do it today. To really get over your girlfriend you need to work on yourself for a while. The best thing to do after your ex breaks up with you is to channel your energy into things that make you happy and improve yourself. The more positive energy you can generate, the better you'll look and feel. This will attract more positive people to you in the way of new friends and possibly even new girlfriends. Don't rule out the possibility that you'll jump right back on the horse - by concentrating on yourself for a while you'll build the confidence and drive that you might've forgotten you had in you.

The best ways to deal with a break up involve always keeping a positive view on things. Yet sometimes there is no getting over your break up, and you might find yourself wanting to fight for your relationship back. If you think the romance is worth saving, then you need to be proactive and begin right away.

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How to Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend - Fast Solutions to Feeling Better

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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