Tips To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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Have you ever been in the situation that you and your partner break up but then you feel regret as you realize that you still want her in your life? Well, in fact it is totally possible to get back with your ex girlfriend. However, before doing that, you need to consider everything carefully as well as plan every step that you will make in order to ensure you can win her back. Below are several tips:


Do not appear too needy. No one wants a loser. Yes it is true that you want her back but winning your ex girlfriend back by begging and other desperate actions may push her away. Give yourself some respect although you are going through the pains of break ups, she does not have to see you crying or desperately sad and angry. Keep it to yourself or talk to a friend or family about it.


Give yourself and your ex a break. Obviously you and your ex need sometime away from each other. At this point where you are still both hurt and the emotions of breaking up is still high, it is better to keep the distance and minimize the contact. This is the time to think and reflect about the relationship. Winning your ex girlfriend back needs time and you cannot rush her about it.


Keep an open mind. You need to be flexible and open to other options. There is something wrong with the relationship and there are needs not met making you or your ex not satisfied with the relationship. Winning your ex girlfriend back means you have to be open to listen and work things out. Keep an open mind if there are things that you need to compromise or change to make the relationship work again and bridge the gap between you and your ex.


Rediscover yourself. Winning your ex girlfriend back is not only about her, it is also about you. Before making the relationship work again, you have to work on rediscovering yourself and analyze what went wrong with you. Are there qualities that you used to have that your girlfriend find irresistible about you but at some point you lost it? Have you become too comfortable with her that the romance is not as intense as it used to be? Rediscover the things that made her fall in love with you in the first place.


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Tips To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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This article was published on 2010/05/12
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