Why You Should Ignore Your Ex Girlfriend If You Want Her Back! Relationship Break Up Advice

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You've heard all the advice there is about how to get a woman to fall back in love with you. You may even consider yourself an expert given how much time you've spent researching the various methods you can use to get your ex girlfriend to want you back again. Sadly, everything you've tried so far hasn't worked. You two are still broken up and you still feel like you're miles apart emotionally from her. That's all about to change. There is an approach that can work for you even if you're feeling desperate right now. You need to ignore your ex girlfriend if you want her back and once you realize how powerful this approach is, you'll want to start using it right now.

Typically when a man hears that he should ignore his ex girlfriend, he is instantly confused. You want her back, right? So how does completely ignoring her work to make that happen? It's actually very simple and is based on the fundamental principles of human psychology. If you take something away from someone, they want it more. It works very well in the area of relationships. However, it's not nearly as simple as just ignoring her, there's a bit more to it than that.

If you and your girlfriend left things on bad terms, ignoring her isn't going to have the same effect as it would if you were sweet, kind and compassionate before you disappeared into thin air. If you apologize to her now for the break up and tell her that you want her to get everything she desires in life, she'll feel that you are still the wonderful man she originally fell in love with. She'll see glimpses of that guy in you so when you do indeed break off all contact, she'll miss you and long for you.

Ignoring her after the break up will help you in several ways. First and foremost, it does indeed create a void in her life that only you can fill. Don't be surprised if you hear, through the local gossip grapevine, that your girl has started dating someone new after you disappeared. This is common and it's really all about her trying to replace you. The rebound relationship won't last and your absence will wear on her more and more and may even contribute to her break up. After all, once she realizes she can't replace you and that her new guy won't measure up to you, she'll want you again.

It's also helpful to ignore her because it gives you a moment to catch your breath and really think about the relationship and what you want from it. Right after the break up it's understandable why you'd want your ex back, but those emotions may just be driven by rejection. Take a few weeks away from the relationship to consider what your future should look like. You may find that the time apart will give you a better and more clear focus of what you truly want out of life and where your ex girlfriend fits into the picture.

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Why You Should Ignore Your Ex Girlfriend If You Want Her Back! Relationship Break Up Advice

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This article was published on 2011/07/25
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